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Related article: Date: Monday, December 29, 2008 16 07th 40 -0800 ( PST ) From: Ray u003cray6645 yahoo. com u003e Subject: Brother took me over 12 The next day, Mike and Chris got together and said it was time to not pay to feel great while I sucked \\ \\ n roosters. Mike Papas had oars was in college when he had found. that s been a great paddle, thick oak. There were a few holes drilled. I was told to lean over the bed, and my ass in the air for his assent n. I crawled into bed and fell into a kind of dog position, but with the head on the front pages, so that my ass was noted in the the air. I said, I open my legs so I could see, my ​​balls and cock. Mike told me he had decided that each one of them was I was ten squashed with the blade, I had ten fingers, and each of them bad both of them. I said nothing, but Chris asked me if I agreed , punishment. What could I say, but according to their spanking. Chris said he would be the first to want to move the bat. This gave Mike the palette, and Chris made a practice of changing a few. I could hear, the palette swooshing through the air. My back began, while the n ot Paddle beat yet. The first blow caught me by surprise. It was a terrible blow, , no warm-up for Chris, he got into it with enthusiasm. My ass is in the fire, and it was only the first blow to my buttocks tender. I've never had has been lost, but I feel Preteen Models Toplist like forever, but not so lost hard. The second blow. Now that I have a really hot ass. He met with else, and now the pain was to move to spread. The third command was smaller, and the guy called me the eggs. Not directly, but only a little the light it touched. The next two were more or less the same place the others were. And he was beaten still very difficult. You laughed at me because I had an erection. They agreed to be s body passion, Since my cock was so hard. My penis was hard from the first blow in the back, and only more difficult with every bucket n times. Finally, he announced: "This was the ninth, so this is the last of now. And you have to get rid of it so difficult for you. " And he did a true. She had on a little, and the blade tip hit me in the n is the madman. I fell and fainted. The pain was incredible. I was sure that my nuts were crushed, and never work again. The two boys laughed at my situation. I was in my bed beside me, kept my mother and my ass on fire. "back in the position for me to get my shots in the big ass. It must appear a little red in some of the guys. And you have color for ass red for everyone who asks, he says. If you do not get more the same from them. Or maybe them. Do you understand ? "I nodded. And slowly rose again in the situation. I knew this is not be fun time, but they insisted on me a terrible beating. Mike started with my deep at the bottom, closer to the thighs, and n is really a pain in the legs. The rest of them were more or less at the destination. Once again my cock was hard again, I could not help it. While the beatings were administered by Mike, would achieve meet Chris and pinch my tits every time Mike would do me. It was always double pain. My ass was on fire, and after some very hard pressed on my tits, that s been asking for help. It was a real reminder that I do not want to This, in turn, so my hands all over my body when I next time it sucks. Or if I'm convicted, I would make sure it was my hands to feel your body. "Now we hope that you remember to use your hands, and we good if we suck. And not only us but for all customers, the n get here. We bring the money and we want to be as happy as possible. Is that understood ? " I nodded, and that was not good enough. A n wanted to respond verbally. " Yes, I understand what we need for our customers happy, and I want to happy. But please, do not paddle it again. My nuts continued to hurt. " " Whenever you do what you say you do, and make us feel good, then the paddle will remain in the closet, but if you can not do what you have n I done, then the head and the blade to strike again, and not in a good n path. "Mike said with a straight face. Chris nodded, as s that took the shovel and put it back in the closet. rang the door and interrupted the session shortly. Mike said that the door and see if you are a customer, and if I did and welcome bring it to our " office" and see what we can do for him. at the door were two guys cute are not they could have been over 11. glanced at my bare before them, and smiled. I invited in. we were inthe bedroom, and asked Chris what is , and if they need some service. kind, stammered, and told Mike to talk and tell us what s I wanted to do. The larger of the two to talk : ". We have heard that going to do anything we want from him is that right," said Mike "Yes, it is true, what you do dogs ? Tell us, , and help you, here are a menu of things you could do, but if want something that will not make the list , wonder and happen for you. Remember, no money in the game, so be prepared to pay when finished. " " We have kidnapped together but not together. We will would like to have someone jack us, so we can see how you feel, and see that maybe someone another jack off and jets out their stuff. Now what I want is a little program \\ \\ n, and then and have showed me that a straw too. but probably do not shoot yet, but if we do, we want to pass it. is right? " Mike agreesd, and showed in the price list, which would cost it, and accord. Chris asked how I wanted, while I was kidnapped by it. They said they wanted me to stand, then in my catcher cum n , and let them play with it. So I started to masturbate, slowly at first, as usual, but the two guys asked if I could go a little faster, and she could feel me while I was driving. Mike motioned them to go to before. As you can imagine, there were very soft, and I remember my mother had just been destroyed by the paddle, and only the slightest touch will send me through the roof. But I bit my tongue and winced only. Mike laughed, , and told the children that can be Preteen Models Toplist squeezed my nuts, and that helped me to cum. But in real life, only made ​​more difficult because of the pain the tail smooth. Gradually my cock again, it is difficult to establish, and could shoot a load good enough for the two kids that was what was fascinated s happening. I shot my load in me hasmeetings, and offered it to her. that s stick their fingers in it, and Preteen Models Toplist played with it a bit. But then made a funny face and movement, what they do with their sticky fingers. Microphone I told them I could breathe clean fingers. And he did. Preteen Models Toplist Chris could pulled his finger to his mouth after you have cleaned the fingers, so that it is seen that as my own sperm. Next, I wanted to suck, but first had to lick his ass. both turned around, bent over with hands on knees, and spread your legs. I knelt down and started licking my ass, but The older boy told me to work around the language in the ass. Mike said, swat me not to be entitled to the crack of my ass. that which motivated me to lick their holes. I have to work into their holes. You are not very well cleaned before coming to us, not some shit in progress but not enough to make me gag, and that was leaking some kind of Fun the little boy ass hothem. Their holes were so close that there are n was hard up my tongue in the hole, but after a while, it I can use my tongue to both their asses. Not at the same time way. And remember my ass real pain, I was using my fingers to run up and down the legs, and between the ass crack of the guys who did not escape. I have to lick ass at least 15 minutes each. I s tongue was very tired. Finally, she had had enough and wanted me n to suck cock. I knew none of them could shoot cum as they were too young to be doing. Mike told them in bed, and I crawl to them to suck. I started with the larger of the two again, n and his cock boy could not have been more than four inches when there are n was totally hard. But I have to suck and harden after a few minutes, your body , and began to buck and jump. Finally, given a last chance s in the mouth, and then collapsed into bed at BACk. While I soaked my hands had not forgotten the lesson in my ass, , and were employed in the younger child. (We never learn their names. ) My mouth was shorter than the child of serious attention. He needed a little more time to shoot, but her orgasm, when dry, was just as good. that fell back on the bed too. Mike told me then that would be a nice gesture if I had to kiss their feet, and sucking her fingers. My mouth found her feet and started sucking me his toes, and kissing the whole foot. You really should have as that, and after a few minutes they were back hard as a rock. Chris called my ​​ass and told me to mouth in the tails, and they do over again. After both had another run dry, said they have had to go, and how much we owe. Mike said that five U. S. dollars. UU. would be wonderful. the upper reaches in his wallet and produced five one dollar bills. He dressed and left. the morning to work, Mike and ChrEveryone has two dollars, and only he is a U. S. dollar. UU. for all the work. But better than nothing. Chris told me this afternoon there were some high school kids has expressed interest in our "business" and was due to arrive only after lunch. I could not wait. - - - - - - - - - Comments on ray6645 yahoo. com - And please remember to embrace all his children and grandchildren. I really have n eed.
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